The Instant Parent

Traveling in Guatemala was the first real time I spent with “T,” Lu’s five year-old son.

For T, he was expecting attention from Lu and myself. I was there to be with Lu and to get to know T better. For Lu, she wanted to see how he took to me. Needless to say, the trip was loaded and there were challenging moments, but I think it worked out quite well. After our man-to-man talk, T and I got along well. I just had to realize, I was the adult and I had to suck it up to make things better.

The Instant Parent from on Vimeo.

Footnote: Over the years, my love and commitment for T grew, even as Lu and I were unable to overcome the more adult challenges. Although I am no longer in his daily life, I hold onto this commitment to him.

Photographed With:
Canon 5D Mark II, Canon Lens 24-70mm f2.8, Canon Powershot G10,

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