TMATSUI_PORT_DSC_7079_smallI am a storyteller. I began in the newspaper world of still photography, where one photo of the decisive moment captured it all. I wasn’t satisfied with the single still, and found magazine features a better way to illustrate complex subjects. Soon, I was shooting slide film and dropping it into multiple projectors while manning a dissolve unit.

I wanted to tell a story, but I wanted it in the voice of the subject, so I bought a microphone and minidisc recorder. I learned audio software, and brought the sound of the story to life. Slide projectors turned into Flash videos and then Final Cut files. I found intensity and purpose in documenting the lasting effects of sexual violence; my work was recorded to VHS and, later, burned to DVD for shipping across the world. It was used by non profits, the US military, and countless others.

Bandwidth increased on the internet; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media, viral marketing, issues reporting, and advocacy emerged. Video production became more affordable, as did self-publishing. I shifted to human trafficking, alternative energy, and the environment, funding some of these personal projects through grants, fundraisers, and corporate work.

I am leveraging new technologies and publishing platforms to tell stories and, after a sabbatical in New York producing with, I can say have worked with some of the best producers in this industry. I am immersed in these emergent, and convergent, forms of communication, all of which can be brought to bear for your project. I can shoot stills, video, or both but, most of all, what I bring to your project are the skills of a producer who understands, and still works in, the field.

When we are done, what you will have is a story. Your story.