This page lists a growing series of posts on using the “new” storytelling tool granted us by the convergence of the digital still camera with the video camera. This is an evolving field so check the dates on everything; they may no longer be current or relevant.

There are a lot of online posts from Hollywood film makers, high-end advertising photographers, and others who are producing beautiful work using the new HDSLR. Their exploratory work is helping push the boundaries of the HDSLR and to develop aftermarket equipment. While we can learn from the big-budget work, this series of posts is intended for people like me: photojournalists and documentarians who work with few resources and a minimal footprint.

I’ve met still photographers struggling to learn video and the new HDSLRs, so I thought this series of posts might help. If you’re a pro with a lot of experience in film and video, and you wish to contribute your knowledge, I welcome you to post to the comments or to author a guest blog.

Canon 5D Mark II: The Camera Shutter Rules

Work Flow, Data Management, and the EOS E-1 Plugin for Final Cut

Inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself HDSLR Camera Rigs