April 6th, 2011

It seemed important to record the events that ended up in this piece. First, I was visiting my Grandma last year, and she’s got some stories. We’re celebrating her 90th this month. Second, it was Carol, who’s 60th we celebrated last year. That said, it is family, it is informal, and I wanted to participate. So, while I took my camera out, I was making snapshots and “snapshot” video.

But there is a short story here, one I wasn’t anticipating creating. It’s about family, love, and strength in the face of adversity. I pulled this together, from those “snapshots,” for myself and for everyone else who’s been in a similar place.

For the tech-types: I used a tripod while recording Doug. I had the mind to use a tripod and an audio recorder for sync-sound while interviewing my Grandma. Everything else was hand-held, using the camera’s audio input and, sometimes, the just camera’s mic. You’ll hear the automatic gain control overwhelmed.

I’m Going from on Vimeo.

Family and friends gather from across the country to celebrate my aunt Carol’s 60th birthday in April of 2010.

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October 11th, 2010

His practice stroke swung high, then he stepped toward the tee. Adjusting his stance with small steps, hips rocking in a salsa-esque dance, he paused for a second, then in one, swift motion the tension released with an oddly satisfying thwack. He sent the golf ball hurtling down the green.

Adjusting my feet on the balcony rail, I took another sip of coffee. He dropped the club in the bag and sped after his ball, the quiet whine of the electric cart disappearing. It was 7:00 in the morning and carts were spaced out on the course like inbound airliners at an international airport. Though the shadows were still long, everyone was trying to beat the oncoming heat, forecast at 104 degrees.

It was September 11, my birthday, and I was in Palm Springs, California, one of my least expected places to be on this day. There are things we find in our partners, in our relationships, that we never knew we wanted but when we have it we realize what was missing. Maybe it’s the small pleasure of coffee in the morning, a small treat in our lunch bag at work, flowers on the table, or a sink scrubbed sparkling clean. The details, as Lu says.

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