June 19th, 2011

As Father’s Day draws to a close, I’m reflecting on, and thankful of, my father. I was looking for a father’s day cards for him, and finding far too many celebrating a stereotypical inability to cook, the pride of the barbeque, and an infatuation with sports; none of these really fit him (or me) except that he’s great with a steak and excellent with salmon. So I wrote my own card. The image at right is of him last summer, on a family camping trip.

I am not a biological father, but 50 percent of the time I get to play one on TV. That doesn’t mean I have any fewer responsibilities; I’m sure there are many step-parents, or divorced parents, who could nod in agreement. Parenting seems to be easy, but being a good parent is an incredible amount of work requiring commitment and unconditional love. I strive to be good.

Getting to know T was fairly easy, as he’s a great kid, but becoming part of his life was a little more complicated. I’m reposting my “instant parent” video as a reflection of this. It’s a couple years old now which, in kid-terms, is forever. I’m throwing in a few pix of that “forever” time; I hope to make the time for a second Instant Parent video. You really do learn a lot about yourself, from your kids.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, biological or otherwise.

The Instant Parent

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June 1st, 2011

Tim Matsui portraitWhile in San Francisco for my aunt’s memorial service (she died just shy of her 61st birthday), I looked through old albums my uncle and my mom pulled out for the service.

I don’t know who shot this one, but I had to make a copy of it.

Me, somewhere between five and seven years.

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April 6th, 2011

It seemed important to record the events that ended up in this piece. First, I was visiting my Grandma last year, and she’s got some stories. We’re celebrating her 90th this month. Second, it was Carol, who’s 60th we celebrated last year. That said, it is family, it is informal, and I wanted to participate. So, while I took my camera out, I was making snapshots and “snapshot” video.

But there is a short story here, one I wasn’t anticipating creating. It’s about family, love, and strength in the face of adversity. I pulled this together, from those “snapshots,” for myself and for everyone else who’s been in a similar place.

For the tech-types: I used a tripod while recording Doug. I had the mind to use a tripod and an audio recorder for sync-sound while interviewing my Grandma. Everything else was hand-held, using the camera’s audio input and, sometimes, the just camera’s mic. You’ll hear the automatic gain control overwhelmed.

I’m Going from on Vimeo.

Family and friends gather from across the country to celebrate my aunt Carol’s 60th birthday in April of 2010.

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Seattle Zombie Walk Breaks World Record

July 5th, 2010

20100703_ZMB_060Saturday, on the third of July, the Center of the Universe (Fremont) was crowded with thousands of zombies as Seattle broke the world record for the zombie walk. According to organizers there were 4900 signed entries and 4233 solid entries.

I had no idea there was a world record for zombies, nor that there was such a zombie following, but I remember seeing zombies last year around Fremont. Then, on Friday, Lu saw the notice for the zombie walk and Saturday morning we made a run to the local thrift store…along with our costumes we scored on a shirt, bathrobe, and tuxedo for T!

Out came the costume makeup kit and in short order we were the zombie family.

According to organizers, Zombies have gathered in Seattle since 2005, and in 2009 set the world record for the largest gathering. In short order, the record was broken in the UK at a rave. Proud of its oddities, Seattle decided to take it back this year.

If you’re into zombies check out the links, photos and video on the jump.

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