[column width=”30%” padding=”10px”]As a storyteller, my sense of adventure, curiosity, and desire for challenge fuel a passion for social justice and human security.

The human condition can be difficult to witness; it is too easy to be a bystander, so I challenge the viewer while providing hope, understanding, and a means to act.

During my freelance journalism career, I founded and ran a non profit creating dialog about sexual violence. My work was used by the US military and in sexual assault centers nationally; I learned about grants, partnerships, and most importantly, finding a way to engage communities.

This experience informs me today as I pursue stories of human trafficking, alternative energy, and the environment. I found resilience; in even the hardest of stories people can find their voice and regain a future. They are no longer victims. Our story may be less severe, but I help people see themselves in the struggle, to connect. I believe we learn, relate, and are moved to act.

[/column] [column width=”30%” padding=”10px”]When you work with me you receive the same passion I apply to my personal work, for I am a multimedia storyteller at heart. While working with me will benefit your organization or company, it also gives voice to the voiceless. Many of my social justice stories are un-commissioned, and your patronage will support the production of stories of effort and conscience, of every day heroes. I believe we are global citizens, that our sphere of influence extends beyond the immediate; I wish to use my skill to convey our responsibility to each other. I like to call it media for social change.

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Tim Matsui at work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Photo Courtesy Kim Reed.

Tim Matsui at work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Photo Courtesy Kim Reed.