Builder Magazine and Architect Rick Mohler

July 21st, 2010

A month ago I receive an assignment from Aurora Select, pairing me with Builder Magazine (a sister to another publication I’ve shot for). The story was about an architect, Rick Mohler, who finessed city code and zoning laws to build two homes on his single city lot.

As someone who believes in decreasing sprawl by increasing density, I found Mohler’s approach very interesting. So, not only was I doing a portrait job, I had a chance to talk with an engaging guy about everything from his house to public transportation to important documentary films. I liked him immediately. He also teaches at the University of Washington Architecture department, so I think it’s no surprise he had an ability to tell engaging stories and feel at ease with a photographer.

If I had the money to buy a city lot with a tear down, I would probably do the same as Mohler: build two homes and rent one out.

Read the article here, at Builder Magazine
Read a Seattle Times article here.

The magazine editor wanted a portrait of Mohler that emphasized the exterior of the home. So, while the lead image for this post is more about Mohler (and my favorite of the take), the picture at right is what they editor chose out of the various locations and setups I provided. This was a simple portrait, using gear I’ve traveled with in developing countries (minus the light stands): two Canon 580EX strobes, Pocket Wizards, and the Canon 5D Mark II. Oh, and I put home made snoots on the strobes…made out of heavy duty aluminum foil, the kind you’d use for baking!

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