Aaron Huey: Speaking at TEDx on the Lakota

June 17th, 2010

Aaron Huey is a Seattle-based photographer with a personal project he’s documented for years. It is the story of the Lakota, a Sioux Indian tribe on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. Recently, Huey gave a TEDx talk in Denver on his work, drawing parallels between the story of the Lakota and indigenous people around the world.

I wanted to re-post this TEDx talk on my blog out of respect for Huey’s work and commitment to following this story, to help him honor the journalist’s commitment to his or her subject–that being to tell their story–and for you to hear his TED wish.

This is a 15 minute video of his lecture. It is rich in imagery; I thought I could just listen while I worked on other stuff, but instead I found myself unable to look away. Take the time to view it, over morning coffee, lunch, or in the afternoon when you need a break from work. It is a powerful indictment of Manifest Destiny. Remember that from that your junior high US history class?

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