CreativeLive and Zack Arias

June 14th, 2010

Past intern Dan Depew said he was heading to Seattle last weekend to help produce a workshop for his new boss Zack Arias. In a following email he asked about models and, as it turns out, Lu has moonlighted as a model for the past few years. So we were booked for Sunday morning where we got to see the full-production of this CreativeLive broadcast (live) of Zach’s workshop. Chase Jarvis and Creative Techs came together to create these online, live and interactive productions which are, as far as I can tell, pretty sweet.

We had fun talking with musician Zaac Pick and his wife, a great makeup artist with killer boots, watched a young woman dunked in a fish tank, a ballerina eating donuts, The Fences getting a band portrait…

I had fun tweeting the event (as it pertained to Lu and her pix), as I’d never really done that before, and snapping some iphone pix. Check out my timmatsuiphoto twitter for some of those pix and visit my Tim.Matsui.Photo Facebook Page for some more iPhone pix when I add them in a bit.

The kicker for me was Arias taking the time to introduce me to the live audience, getting my web address out there, and within a minute one of the techs said “and we’ve managed to crash his website.” I checked my server logs and found traffic peaked at 50,000 hits before they put up a 403 denial page. Thanks Zack, and thanks everyone for checking out my work!


More pix after the jump.









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2 Responses to “CreativeLive and Zack Arias”

  1. Rachel Pick says:

    Great to meet you guys on Sunday! Checking out your work here too – looks like you are covering some really important topics, similar issues we care about. Cheers.

  2. Tim Matsui says:

    Likewise Rachel! Was great to spend some time chatting with you two. Let us know if you’re back in Seattle again, especially if Zaac is playing.


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