Run: Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges

May 7th, 2010

IMG_5253A lot of people already know about this iPhone app and website, but I just discovered it recently. It’s pretty sweet. does just what it says–it maps your run way better than google maps.

Over a month ago, when I ran 20-something miles, I wasn’t very kind to my ilio-tibular or “IT” bands. Chiefly the left one. They are the casing, or fascia, of your butt and thigh muscles, on the outside of your legs, that narrow down to a band of connective tissue, inserting at your knee as a tight band of fiber. On me, they’re really tight (ie. painful), so I haven’t run that much lately.

Click through to the jump for a couple more pix and “Map My Run” in action.

However, over the weekend, I headed out into the humid 85 degree spring weather thinking I’d run to the United Nations and take the train back. Or, as it happened, I ran across the Manhattan Bridge, saw the Williamsburg bridge and decided to come back over that. For me, running is not only exercise, it is mental therapy and exploration all rolled into one.

What are some of your runs?


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