Haiti: Analysis of One Death

March 26th, 2010

Warning: The content of the video below is graphic. If you choose to click through to any of Pete Brook’s posts on Prison Photography, you’re likely to find frank descriptions from several of the photographers who were at the scene of a young woman’s death. Her name was Fabienne Cherisma, she was 15.

I am re-posting this because it gives a behind-the-scenes look at the coverage from Haiti, it touches on how photographers handle the trauma of what they witness, how images become symbols, the need to continue reporting after the initial ‘news event,’ and it explores the line of photographer as witness versus photographer as exploiter.

Pete Brook also looks to the editors who choose the images and the public that consumes them–us–asking: “If Fabienne‚Äôs death does come to symbolize something larger, I hope it does so to benefit the survivors in Haiti; that the injustice brought upon her will only distill our resolve to avoid injustices to others.”

Please take the time to click through on the links below the video clip.

HAITI from nathan weber on Vimeo.

Part One: Fabienne Cherisma
Part Two: More on Fabienne Cherisma (Carlos Garcia Rawlins)
Part Three: Furthermore on Fabienne Cherisma (Michael Mullady)
Part Four: Yet more on Fabienne Cherisma (Linsmier, Nathan Weber)
Part Five: Interview with Edward Linsmier
Part Six: Interview with Jan Grarup
Part Seven: Interview with Paul Hansen
Part Eight: Interview with Michael Winiarski
Part Nine: Interview with Nathan Weber
Part Ten: Interview with James Oatway
Part Eleven: Interview with Nick Kozak

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