NYC: Fuerza Bruta (going out on the town)

March 3rd, 2010

IMG_3452To briefly live in the City means I’m on a budget in the City; I’m not eating out much, I’m not shopping for recreation, and I’m unlikely to spend a lot of time in bars or going to events…unless they’re photo-industry related and therefore deemed important. And working at Mediastorm may prove incredibly time consuming as well. There is a wealth of knowledge in their small office and I intend to absorb as much of it as possible. Which will likely mean long hours.

But my first weekend of this three month sabbatical was spent with Lu and we did things you do in the City. Including going out to a show. It wasn’t a Broadway show; it was something less traditional and more interactive. Something very Lu-like, which means very fun.

Fuerza Bruta (Brute Force) starts off with an announcement to the standing crowd that you’ll be asked to move about. The ticket office says to dress casual, that you’ll be standing for 65 minutes, and there will be strobes. And then, I overheard someone in the audience say to his friend “stand over here and you won’t get wet.”

In the darkness, an industrial fan and a spotlight came on, then shut off. Again, but in another part of the room. The music got louder and a lone man appeared on a treadmill, walking above the crowd, a lone light upon him. There are no words spoken the entire show, but it is his story.

He runs, he gets shot, he struggles up and runs again. He bursts through walls, he bumps through a crowd, he dreams, he searches, he meets people and joins them but, it seems, he is lying to himself. Finally, he risks himself and in that process he finds himself….at least, that’s my interpretation. It’s all very fluid and visually rich; a water-filled clear stage descends from the ceiling and actresses slide back and forth until they stare down at you, mermaid-esque, making eye contact with the audience. Touching through the clear barrier.

Finally, in the darkness, to a techno beat, the sky opens up and artificial rain pours down on the dancing audience. Happily, we were soaked.

We dried off (a little) in the theater’s bar where drinks were 2-for-1. In the bathroom Lu met part of the cast and later, when we went to the bar they went to, they reacquainted themselves with her. Somewhere around 3 a.m. we stumbled home. A true night out, with many thanks to Lu; I never would have gone without her.

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