NYC: American Museum of Natural History

March 2nd, 2010

Apparently I’d been to the American Museum of Natural History as a child. At least, that’s what my Grandma told me on the phone last night.

I don’t recall a lot from early childhood, which makes me wonder what T will remember about his childhood. He’s six now and, while at the museum, all I could think about was how much fun he would have–even if there is no Robin Williams version of Teddy Roosevelt (he’s a statue outside) nor is there a display featuring Lewis and Clark or Sacajewea. There never has been (we asked).

However, there is a giant blue whale, chunks of meteorites, crystals bigger than your head, and much to my pleasure, a northwest coast Native American dugout canoe hanging dramatically in a large hall.

Luciana and I walked through the museum, seeing as much as we could but quickly realizing there was way too much to absorb in one visit. It was impressive; the quality of the displays, the breadth of the work…and we didn’t even make the special exhibits or the Imax films.

The one unfortunate thing about the trip is how far the museum is from where I am living in Prospect Heights. It’s nearly an hour by subway, though I’m sure if I could navigate the system better I could cut a few minutes off the trip. However, on the way back home we managed to add a few minutes…and take a new train in the process.

As I was getting off the train Lu, who was a step behind me, had the door close on her. As the train picked up speed I pounded on the train, creating our own little Hollywood moment, and pantomimed “I will come to you.” We laughed when I caught up with her. From the sounds of it, this isn’t so rare.

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