NYC: First Steps for the Next Three Months with Mediastorm

February 25th, 2010

Lu and I caught a red eye flight and were bumping down through turbulence over JFK before we knew it. A cab ride in morning traffic with an ancient cabbie with gnarled hands. Rain was mixed with snow; they were forecasting another winter storm, 6-14 inches over the weekend. A very New York welcome for us as I prepare for the next three months working with Mediastorm, an industry leader in multimedia production.

Not knowing for sure if my Craigslist housing ad was for real, we arrived in Brooklyn, near Prospect Park, to meet my new roommate. Shore had taken the day off from work to welcome me and meet Lu and, much to our surprise and delight, had flowers on the dresser and two folded towels with the apartment keys on top. It’s a beautiful apartment, well appointed and well located, and I’m looking forward to getting to know Shore and our other roommate, Clay.

Shore took us out to the local deli, showed us the grocery store and the coffee shop. And then, just to keep things real, somewhere along the way we stood too close to the road and…yes, we were completely soaked by a passing SUV splashing through a slushy puddle. Ice water in our noses, down our jackets, across our legs. Soaked. We laughed it off and, shrugging, I finished my water logged sandwich.

Lu is here for a long weekend to meet the folks at Mediastorm, my roommates, and help me get settled. I love traveling with her. Though professionally stimulating, it’s going to be a long three months away from the family.

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2 Responses to “NYC: First Steps for the Next Three Months with Mediastorm”

  1. Pete Brook says:

    Tim, Have a wonderful and productive time out East. Have Brian Storm take you for a cheese and egg bagel. I’ve never met him, but that’s what I’d demand upon starting a position with Mediastorm! Seattle will still be here in three months …

  2. tim matsui says:

    Hey Pete, thanks for checking in. Brian took Luciana and I out to a local restaurant for dinner. Got to spend time with his wife Elodie and newborn daughter Eva and hear the story of how it all happened (quite romantic).

    Hope you’re doing well with the prison project. You still working with Photowings?


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