For All the Parents: Halloween.

November 10th, 2009

The last time I went trick-or-treating I was pushing the edge of acceptable; I couldn’t drive, but I certainly wasn’t being taken by my parents. We’d switched to pillow cases–they’re large and durable–and we used bicycles to quickly cover the distances between suburban homes–and move from neighborhood to neighborhood. We were on a mission to amass as much sugar as possible, though there was one rule we respected: don’t empty the self-serve bowls.

20-something years later, I was out trick-or-treating without a bag. I was following a six year-old from pumpkin-lit door to door…click through for more photos…

Dressed entirely in black and looking rather silly in my home-made ‘wings’ and awkward beak, I was a crow. That’s what T wanted me to be. Lu, also dressed entirely in black, was the requested bat. She indulged herself with a complicated pair of removable vanity fangs and, much to T’s distress, a dribble of fake blood. (He can’t stand the sight of blood, especially his own…oh, the drama). As for T, he was dressed in old clothes and a bunch of tattered fabric Lu had adhered with a glue gun. He was a damn cool mummy.

For him, the night was less about candy and more about scaring people–though I think he was more scared as people in our neighborhood, once we got beyond condo-row, were serious about their spooky decorations. Afterward we took him to a dress up pre-funk party until everyone (the adults) went off to the Hideout bar. In another first for me, I went home early on a Halloween night and tucked a six-year-old mummy into bed. I’m not sure who had more fun, me or him. And yes, I did sample his candy stash…just as my dad did to me each year. I’m sure T won’t notice some missing M&M’s…

Halloween Trick or Treat – Images by Tim Matsui

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