Follow Up: The Nau Grant for Change

September 20th, 2009

Thanks to everyone who navigated the confusing voting interface at and voted on my proposal for the Grant for Change. I know this took some time and also required you to divulge your email to their marketing mavens.

It looks like Nau was leaning more towards environmental and feel-good proposals; its ten nominees seem to represent this. It is always a problem when dealing with a seemingly insurmountable and depressing subject matter–human trafficking. In my case, the proposal was to document the City of Seattle changing its institutional and cultural norms to become victim-centric in its approach to the prostitution of juveniles which, by U.N., U.S., and Washington State definitions, are victims of human trafficking.

None the less, friends of mine, Benjamin Drummond and Sarah Joy Steele, are on that short list. Their project is about how communities are facing climate change, something they’re doing a great job of reporting on.

Again, thanks to all who voted. I’m still working on funding, with various grants, fellowships, and other proposals. If you’ve any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send them my way.

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