Finalist: Photolucida Critical Mass

September 7th, 2009

I submitted to Photolucida’s Critical Mass years ago with no result, but this year, on a whim, I sent in a selection of images from my Der Spiegel assignment in Kivalina, Alaska (Post 1, Post 2. I thought they were sufficiently moody, not terribly difficult in subject matter, and represented a cohesive body. I wasn’t really sure what to send, but these…well…I thought they were artsy. (Can you tell I don’t really think of myself as an artist?)

This year I was accepted as a finalist; there are 175 of us whose work will be seen by 200 jurors from the photo world. As far as contests go–which you usually have to pay for–this seems like a pretty good and inexpensive way to get your work in front of people who might end up hiring you in the future. And, if nothing else, it’s a great way to see some excellent work. Check out the 2008 Top 50 Winners.

Kivalina, AK for Photolucida Critical Mass – Images by Tim Matsui

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