Commercial Work: WL Gore (ie. GORE-Tex)

September 6th, 2009

20090628_gore_g_004I had to wait for the brand managers to review this, but here is a little multimedia commercial work for W.L. Gore (they make GORE-Tex). This year they’re trying out a new concept for them: get retail employees outside using the product they sell. The standard way is to simply give a clinic in the store and rely on employees to use their pro-purchase (buying at less than wholesale) to test out the product. This way employees get first hand experience using the product–they develop better brand recognition and can speak from personal knowledge when helping customers make a decision…I think I sound a little corporate…which isn’t bad because it helped me pitch the job and produce the work.

They’re going to use the video to promote subsequent events as they are optional and unpaid for the retail employees. The organizers need to build as much psych as possible in order to make their “cost-per-impression” lower (ie. increase attendance). For this I could have used an assistant and a second shooter but budget didn’t allow…so it was just me, running between locations looking for candid moments (yes, this was entirely candid. nothing scripted).

Hope you like it. It’s a little more upbeat than my usual work. (at left: the one-man-multimedia-band…a little tired and hungry).

WL Gore “Tromp” Corporate Multimedia from on Vimeo.

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One Response to “Commercial Work: WL Gore (ie. GORE-Tex)”

  1. […] part of their push for experiential education in the outdoor retail market, Gore is doing “Tromp in the Park” and the “ProForum.” The latter was the brain child of experiential educator Marshall […]


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