Portraits: McCarthy Consulting

August 18th, 2009

Neil and Tracy run McCarthy Consulting, a business focused on coaching other businesses. Both have a background in mountain guiding which, in all aspects, requires skill, patience, and the ability to motivate.

Tracy asked me to do some updated portraits of them, some more business like and some a little “softer.” I visited them at home and, to take advantage of the cloud-covered softbox of a sky, chose some locations outside the house. Being Seattle, and being summer, as soon as Neil arrived home with their four year-old, the rain started to fall. I had to find indoor locations fast because Clyde (2) and Ruby (4) needed to be fed. Who would think that the kitchen wall and the laundry room door could serve as backdrops?

I enjoyed talking to them about their business and seeing how they communicate, both with each other and with their children. After all, from my understanding, that’s what most of coaching is about. Communicating.

Ruby has certainly learned. When the movie she was watching during the photo shoot stopped, she asked Neil for help. “Why don’t you just hit play again?” Neil responded. Ruby paused to think then responded assertively, “No, daddy, I want you to show me.” Ah, the value of straight forward communication.

20090810_MCRTY_business_portrait – Images by Tim Matsui

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