Consultant: David Manningsmith

August 18th, 2009

He comes from the corporate world, wears button downs, pleated slacks, and keeps his hair trim and straight. I, on the other hand, have never held a true office job, cut my hair when it’s intolerable, and go to work in slippers–or 40 pounds of digital gear packed tightly into my carry-on.

David Manningsmith, who recently left AT&T, is in pursuit of another corporate job…maybe. He’s also applying his problem solving skills to smaller businesses–like mine. With me, he decided to use the white board and a lot of post-its. I love post-its (really…there are two on my laptop right now). Using a structured method of categorization and analysis, he’s been helping solve the question “How Might I…” It’s intriguingly different than my more organic process, but as David says, from million dollar proposals to marital issues, he finds nothing more comfortable than mapping it out with a whiteboard and some post-its. If only Lu would let me put a whiteboard on our wall…

David was referred by Terra Reilly, owner of the marketing/design/technology company Captive Orbit. David himself can be reached here.

I’ve enjoyed working with him and found one of the more interesting things is, since he doesn’t know much about my field, I’ve had the benefit of explaining it–which gives me the opportunity to analyze it further, always looking for solutions. Oh, and T came along one day and made some great artwork. He even colored outside the lines a little…my kind of guy!

David Manningsmith from on Vimeo.

Shot exclusively with the iPhone.
By the music on iTunes: Doug Martsch, Window

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