2008 Photojournalism Awards

March 5th, 2009

If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably already seen these for as I post this, it is June. Never mind the publishing date–I’m catching up on blogs while trying to maintain chronology.

World Press sent me a book of this year’s winning images; Lu was flipping through it and commented on the amount of violence and suffering. There is a lot, maybe more so than heroic Olympic moments or lighthearted glimpses of daily life, yet I would hope it doesn’t deter you from looking.

Take yourself beyond awareness as you think of the circumstance in the creation of each photo. Does the earthquake in China spark ideas for emergency relief? Do you think about health care and anti-tobacco measures as children mimic their mother’s smoking habit? Or equal rights, as a man adjusts his tie? He is preparing to wed his male partner in Spain–because it’s not legal where they’re from in California.

To quote from Roger Cremer’s piece on Auschwitz:
“The aim is not just to increase awareness, but to awaken responsibility, so that learning about history has an impact on current thought and behavior.”

These three contests I’m listing, for U.S. photojournalists in particular, are the three to watch. Names are made, reputations established, work is seen…and maybe change is made. For those of you already doing your part to create change, I–and many others–say thanks.

World Press Photo
Pictures of the Year, International
NPPA 2009 Best of Photojournalism

World Press inspires me the most and, for a little more insight into the winning photo, read about Anthony Suau at PDN.

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