Online Publishing “back in the day”

February 5th, 2009

I remember in university having an email account I could access using a dial-up modem from my PC at home. While I remember hating the class, I was glad my mom forced me to take a semester of typing in the 8th grade (in high school I opted for another typing course…an easy A). At the time, we used electric typewriters.

Later, when I joined the university’s daily newspaper, I began to use email more; I think the program we used was Pine or Telnet or something of the sort. We’d get these emails from Daemon@…and I thought that was some guy’s name. The web started to get graphics, but one of my favorite jokes was “I read it on the internet” because, of what little information there was online, it was pretty useless. We still used the yellow pages. I loved having Lexis/Nexis on campus, and a wealth of journals and books we had to *walk* to the library to search for.

When I started at the paper we were shooting, processing, and printing black and white then creating a half tone and pasting it onto pages with wax. When I left, the lab was for processing only, as we were scanning film and working up the paper in Quark. When interactive CD ROMS came out I did a final project for a class, I think it was “digital media,” using Macromedia Director. They were bought by Adobe. The final project had pictures, music and clickable on-screen buttons; it fit onto a one gigabyte hard drive the size of a hardcover novel and it had a SCSI port.

Although ten years earlier, this video reminds me of how things were changing quickly in the early 90’s.

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