MediaStorm: Brian Speaks to His Alma Mater on Journalism Today

December 21st, 2008

Brian Storm, director of Mediastorm, past editorial director at Corbis, past multimedia director at MSNBC who was responsible for the site’s look and feel, and who helped create on of the first interactive photojournalism CD ROM’s while at the University of Missouri Graduate School for Journalism, returned to give the commencement speech. I saw the posting on my Facebook.

I’ve long admired Brian’s vision and optimism and his commencement speech reflects this. While I’ve pulled some excerpts I particularly liked, I though the entire piece was interesting and pertinent. I think it would be enlightening for the average person and essential reading for any journalist. Alison, who is here in Phnom Penh with Transitions Global, is in the editorial publishing business. She’s been a journalist for 25 years and is now an editor. Last night she proclaimed this current recession is going to kill most newspapers. As in, nothing for the paperboy to throw at your door in the morning.

Brian reflects on this and the current trends in journalism, not with the voice of Chicken Little, but with the hope and optimism of the visionary that he is.

Please read the complete text here.

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