Snow Back Home!

December 20th, 2008

I love winter snows at home but it looks like I’m missing this one. Lu told me five inches in the city, my parents told me 10 inches with more predicted to come. It really is surprising how a few miles and a couple hundred feet of elevation can make a big difference in precipitation.

I’m sure my dad was out in the driveway, shoveling snow before it became compacted and icy. And my mom wasn’t going to drive anywhere; she’s had enough of driving in the snow, especially with her years of long commutes to work at the public library. (at left: snow at my parent’s)

Lu, on the other hand, drove to work–taking an hour because she had to take the long route because of everyone else–only to arrive an find out the offices had closed. Then her boss asked if she’d driven in without chains. “Of course!” she responded. Why would *she* have chains? (at right: snow on the Japanese maple at my parent’s)

So they went to get some. And the sales guy offered to put them on her car–I’m sure she gave him a “blink, blink” look with that award-winning smile for I don’t know what sales guy, in the middle of Seattle in the middle of a snow day would offer to install chains. Her boss gave her grief, then they went to put the chains on her car themselves.

“Is it front or rear wheel drive?” he asked. She didn’t know. Blink, blink.

But then she installed her side first and came over to his side of the car and let him know he was taking so long because he was doing it wrong. And he even read the instructions (she only looked at the pictures).

Ah…Lu. Hey, the oil in my beater car will need changing when I get back. Think you could…you know…? (blink, blink).

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