Cambodia: Is it the Food or the Air?

December 20th, 2008

I just found a pubic hair in my ginger chicken stir fry at a fairly upscale restaurant/hotel (with wifi). I put that spoonful aside–note: forks are used to push food around, spoons to eat–and kept on eating.

I suppose having vomited for no apparent reason last night, having a fairly massive head cold that’s generated mucus the color of palm fronds, and already cycling through a bout of feverish food poisoning, finding a pubic hair isn’t that big of a deal. Even Kim Reed got sick. She’s been here 14 days; on day 12 her exhausted voice said over the hotel phone “I’ve been in bed all day.” And we ate at the same places, and essentially the same things.

The bummer is I’ve got this punch card at the local fitness gym–it’s a pretty nice facility–and I was enjoying taking some personal time for workouts. But when your system is taxed by sickness, maxing yourself out in the gym is just…not smart. Fortunately, I don’t think I’ve lost the weight I lost last time here.

I’ve stayed away from some of the less hygienic restaurants, but indulged in a lot of Khmer home cooking in the provinces, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to matter so much here. I think it’s the stuff that makes the dust in the air. The fecal matter. I think Phnom Penh is simply unhealthy.

Aww…for the love of all that’s decent…it’s not just one hair. I think they used the cooking tongs to emptied the drain catch. I’m done with this dish.

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