Andrew Hida: Election Night

November 23rd, 2008

Andrew is a “graduated” intern. As his skills have improved so have his responsibilities with me, chiefly in his work with the FEAR Project. While not a journalist, at least by training, he has an aptitude for storytelling and image making. His surfer-persona, likely an affectation of his Hawaiian upbringing, belies an intelligence that makes him a quick study and pleasure to work with. Or maybe I just enjoy his willingness to laugh at himself.

The day after the presidential elections Andrew pulled up a photo saying “Hey look, I made the paper!”

“There I am, that guy standing next to the guy next to the guy there!”

I looked. I saw a pair of dark legs protruding below a street sign in the foreground.

“Yeah, dude, that’s totally you,” I replied. Whoever it was, he was microscopic and concealed by the sign.

“Nah, for reals man! It’s me!”

Here is his media from that crowded night when the youth of Seattle poured out into the streets to celebrate our new president. Not bad for not being entirely sober.

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