Rachel at 40

July 14th, 2008

Believe it or not, for me it’s not all doom and gloom, international travel, or extensive computer time.

Sometimes people have birthdays and sometimes they’re surprise parties organized by their spouse. Sometimes those people are upset because their spouse spent the entire 4th of July weekend working 14 hour days at a race track working on…well…race cars in order to earn the cash to pay for a surprise party; on a 60 foot classic northwest wooden yacht owned by another friend, hiring a captain, paying for fuel, and catering amazing ribs, beans, corn and the like. And beverage. Sometimes friends fly in from distant cities to complete the surprise. Sometimes the weather is absolutely perfect, the evening light just right, and sometimes I get to use the skills I’ve learned to simply capture moments in time that are likely meaningless to the general population, but to those in the pictures they are momentous.

Special thanks to Mike for doing this, Chris for being a gracious host, Erika and John for the work you did, and to Rachel for turning 40 for us.

Click here for pictures of Rachel at 40.

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