Cambodia Slideshow in Seattle

May 16th, 2008

It took me a month to be able to talk about it with perspective, another month to try and catch up on my affairs (I’m still behind), but I think I’m ready to start telling stories. Feathered Friends, my past employer, my past land lord, my alma mater, is graciously donating the space.

These are stories about the anti human trafficking work being done in Cambodia. I’ll be up front, some of the stories are hard. Some of the pictures are difficult. But it’s all real and many of you, because you care and want to know, helped me get there to find these stories.

This is the slideshow I’d hold in my living room, were it big enough. The work is not finished, but I’d like to share with you what I have, what you helped create.

Feathered Friends
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
119 Yale Ave N, Seattle 98109

See the full page poster here.

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  1. Tim,
    I hope we can make it to your slideshow. Thank you for the invitation – I’m forwarding to my friends. Hope you get a big turnout.


  2. A C Sherpa says:

    Hi, I am A C Sherpa from Himalayan Women’s and Children’s foundation. I like to ask you a question?

    Do you do lots of volunteer other places or only in Cambodia? I just drop by to say hello and introduce my self.

    Thank you,

    A C Sherpa

  3. admin says:

    Cambodia was more about long-term research on a story I suspect I’ll be covering for some time. The “volunteer” work comes out of understanding some NGO’s have a limited budget but excellent access and, in a help-you-help-me way I was able to work with several NGO’s to develop some Cambodia-specific media. My community was generous in that people donated to help offset the costs I incurred to do this work. Ideally I would not have to ask my community, that I would be able to partner with NGO’s–as part of their communications budget, as a line item on a grant, or another means that would enable me to continue this work. In the meanwhile, I do what I can. Looking forward to meeting you at the slideshow!


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