Portland KGW News: Transitions Cambodia

April 10th, 2008

In Cambodia I worked with James Pond at Transitions Cambodia. In fact, his random email to me in December 2007 was what psychologically sealed the deal for me; there were too many things pointing me in the direction of going to Cambodia to ignore.

I’ve found working with non governmental organizations, especially the smaller kind, the ones who are working at ground level, requires a great deal of mutual professional respect, openness, and trust. I also found he and I have similar thoughts on how to tell the story of sex trafficking. We put a fair bit of trust in each other; he in allowing me unfettered access to him and his center for trafficking victims, me in giving him extremely liberal licensing with my work. I figure at this point, were I keeping a tab, I’ve provided well over $10,000 of creative work for free. I must have drunk the kool-aide. But I’ve also met the girls and staff at Transitions Cambodia, I know some of their stories, and I’ve seen them working hard to heal, to truly reintegrate into society with dreams and lives pointed toward the future.

I could go on, but click the image to the right or THIS LINK to see the KGW News video on how, and why, James and his family ended up in Cambodia for three years. In search of purpose, not everyone needs move to a developing country, but this is an example of people will. Just to make a difference. Photos courtesy of yours truly.

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