Cambodia: Elsewhere, Round Two

March 7th, 2008

20080307a_pnh_013.jpg In my time in Phnom Penh I managed to get hooked into the NGO crowd, but also the party crowd. Or maybe they’re one and the same; work hard, play hard. Some of them work for NGO’s and some…well, let’s just say I met a guy three weeks earlier who was trying to figure out what he was doing in Phnom Penh. He’s still trying to figure it out. (at left: on allie’s roof)

Elsewhere is *that* party. The one no one wants to go to but everyone ends up at. I pre-funked at Allie’s swank rooftop kitchen. All of us took tuk-tuks to Elsewhere; Bruno convinced the tuk-tuk driver that he should drive and I, halfway there, jumped from one tuk to the other. Like in the movies. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Further drinking and dancing ensued. It was an oddly wet night, with rain pouring down occasionally, which might have inspired people to jump into the pool a bit early. I was snapping away at the half naked partiers when one woman rubbed up against me, asking my name and hometown. Courteously, I asked her the same and in a breathy reply she said she was from “Santa Barbara, amateur porn star capital of the world.”

Huh. That’s about as good as the line Allison got last time of “Do you fuck?”

By the time I made it home–alone–it was 5am and the sky was beginning to turn. When I first arrived in Phnom Penh, I was up and running at the stadium at this hour

Well, welcome to Elsewhere.



One of the reasons they don’t allow glass near swimming pools.

My dancing friend from Santa Barabara.


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