Cambodia: Freebird

February 13th, 2008

Just another night out, a Friday night in fact, with Allison (from Seattle), Kath (local), and what soon became Pat and Mick (more locals), and later Julie and Stuart (Seattle).

Freebird used to be a bit of a go-go bar but since its change in ownership has become more of an expat refuge, a neighborhood bar, a place where you don’t give the girls behind the bar any shit, where you can throw back more than a few and someone will get you home safely. (at right: allison and kath)

Run by a guy who is ex US Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) it has an interesting collection of paraphernalia on the wall and people at the bar.

Needless to say with Kath, the ultimate local, we were given the best introduction one could want. And there was dancing, though sadly Kath doesn’t remember ours. But she does remember her dance with Allison.

In the two short weeks Allison was here, she found herself a home; pretty much everyone is sad to see her head home, but she was on a flight with her boyfriend (and my good friend) Dan out of BKK by the 12th, as promised. I lost a travel partner and fellow CTIP investigator. As chief whip-cracker for the FEAR Project, Allison not only was great company, but she kept reminding me of all the things I, for some reason, couldn’t quite keep in my over-packed head.

I’m putting an 80%…no…90% chance that she’ll be back. The red dust works into your skin, the orange light saturates your vision, and the smiles fill your heart.

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