Cambodia: The Weight Loss Program

February 11th, 2008

They left a bottle of Ensure at my door this morning. Julie and Stuart, two more traveling Seattleites who were here for a few days.

“That’s wrong, that’s just wrong,” James said when I told him. But I kind of see their point. I just finished with my third bout of fever and GI-tract issues in about five weeks. I think it’s the same bacteria I got first time around; I think it just lies low when I’m healthy and hits me when I’m run down. So I’m committing to a round of Cipro. (at right: looking haggard while out on the town with Phnom Penh lifestyle writer Charis. photo by Dan Aylward)

I weighed myself the other day–I’m down about six pounds. Allison said my cheeks were looking thinner, but I’m sure some of that is also muscle loss from not climbing; I already went through the massive callous exfoliation on my hands. With my sparse eating habits, often due to running around too much, or the “hungry but no appetite” effect of heat and dehydration, I might be turning to the Ensure. Ha! That’ll be the day.

Still Rachel, the ex-radio reporter, has warned me to slow down. So have others. Rachel, on her short trips to Iraq and Afghanistan, would work at breakneck pace for 5-10 days then go back to the UK and collapse. I’ve still got a month to go and I suppose I could lose another few pounds without digging myself further into the out-of-shape-for-climbing hole. But I’d rather not. (at left: dinner at Setsara, street 278, with Rachel Reporter. photo by Dan Alyward)

Maybe they sell Ensure by the case here.

On second thought, James is right. It’s just wrong.

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