Cambodia: Rain

January 25th, 2008

In an odd instance–this is the dry, cold season after all–it rained last night. Not a drizzly Seattle rain, but a raging torrent of water. The day had been overcast and had that electric and heavy ‘feel’, but save for a light misting the skies held off until dark. Then they opened in a flood. (at right: on the way to dinner during a lull)

I’m running in expat circles right now where opening conversation goes “and what does your NGO do?” It’s interesting because I’m finding one NGO leads to the next and to the next; a new economic development project was transfered from World Vision to another agency just last Friday. It’s important because economic development is part of the trafficking ‘prevention’ component. This project, once I know more, could be good because it’s in Koh Kong where I am trying to go later in February. Apparently it’s an idyllic and beautiful seaside town on the Thai border with some labor exploitation issues. So this might be a good double-project trip.

That is, if it all pans out–which is kind of how all of this stuff works. I was going to dinner with Pat, who works on land mine issues and I met Mick who does economic development. I also met a well-dressed ‘backpacker’, a friend of a woman who is returning to Pittsburgh in a couple weeks–where my sister, whose master’s degree is in international development, lives. Did you follow all that? But, get this, the ‘backpacker’ makes his living off of online poker. No, seriously. (at left: Mick and Pat)

It rained some more in the night, leaving me to a cool but humid run this morning. My first since I got sick last week. It was lethargic but enjoyable as I trudged around the Olympic Stadium track a meager 12 times, past the guys running backwards while doing interesting stretches with their arms. It’s an odd, odd scene. Must be the pre-dawn hour.

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