Further Notes on the G-I Tract

January 22nd, 2008

Content Warning: Further exposition on illness.

From one sickness to the next, with a little overlap in the middle. I now have James’ “death-warmed-over” head cold. I’m not feeling as rotten, though maybe it’s relative compared to my G-I tract experience. None the less, my face was a faucet on Sunday and by today, Tuesday, it’s gained a foothold in my chest and I’m filled with a general malaise.

Fortunately, I was only to make pictures yesterday but James had lost his voice on Sunday and was supposed to be doing interviews with Dateline, NBC. They are here doing a follow up for a piece done in 2004; his story is about an American family being so moved by the trafficking issue they relocate to Cambodia to do something about it. He and his family were here two and-a-half years, only recently returning to the States, be he still spends a good half of the year here getting a new facility–and concept in victim care–running steady.

Anyhow, in the one week here I’ve been hammered in the gut–with fever–and knocked in the head by a full-blow cold. It’s a little humbling, especially when all you can do after a day’s work is collapse, fetal and still clothed, to wake up 12 hours later in the same position. But at least I was able to avoid taking Cipro and, while I’m a little gun shy about food, it seems like part of the process for calibrating to the local intestinal flora.

But it sure would be nice to have the energy to go running again.


Apparently I made a mistake in eating internal organs. It is now advised by the wiser expats: avoid organs and do not eat the pork balls, as they are processed, undercooked trichinosis gut bombs. I am carefully learning where the expats eat–in western-style restaurants and various hole-in-the-wall places. Oh, and being sick? Apparently it’s just the way things are, even if you’ve been here for a year. At least I haven’t–and hope not to–shit my pants. Which also seems to happen.

Did I mention the fecal dust?

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