EndoGastric Solutions: Corporate Work

January 21st, 2008

When my old friend Kelly Tysseling disappeared to the eastside of the lake for a job (she even moved to Kirkland) I really had no idea what she was up to. Something medical at a startup; it would pay better than the university research she’d been doing and I wouldn’t see her at the climbing gym–or in general–since the work was quite demanding.

What she was doing was building a medical training lab in the shell of an office park building in Redmond. I was impressed with the tastefully stylish
lobby, reinforced steel I-beams to hang the spider-armed medical equipment, and a multi-table instruction room with super-ultra-mega resuscitation annies. (if you remember what those are).

The company she works for is EndoGastric Solutions; they have developed a device which can do stomach and esophageal procedures orally. Kelly was looking for some large-format images of the device in use. Knowing my skill at “documentary” photography, and wanting to help a friend out, she had me come in one day while a couple of UW doctors played with the device.

Corporate photography isn’t necessarily my “schtick” but I won’t turn it down. And this one was special because I was getting to see Kelly’s accomplishment (the lab), be proud of her success, and help her with the finishing touches. For her, she was able to send some work my way, knowing what I do “on the side” is humanitarian project photography.

Not long after the shoot she got a dog–and bought a house–making me even happier about her success. Not because she is now in possession of the accoutrements of suburban life, but because in her accomplishments she is finding her center, a place of rest and satisfaction.

While I will always remember that hard-charging climbing girl and adventure racer, who once screamed at me to “move it!” when, after 22 hours of climbing and constant movement, I just wanted to sleep beside the stream, I know through our long conversations we have both sought balance in our life pursuits. I think she may have found some. You know, I just went and made some pictures that day, but it was also so much more. And it was good.

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