FEAR Project: Update

November 12th, 2007

Our mission at the FEAR Project is to reduce the prevalence of sexual violence and its affects in communities through the use of personal narrative and multimedia. What this means, in a less clinical, more heart-felt sense is through stories people can relate to, they will learn the vocabulary and concepts necessary to understand the difficult emotional responses we have to trauma. The details to the stories are unique, but the traumatic response is the same; communities need to understand so they can empathize. (at right: SU students watching media)

I am excited, I feel confident, and yet I am utterly exhausted. “Trauma” is always there now; they are not my stories, but they are becoming a part of me. It’s not simply that I hear them–once people know you can talk about it, the doors begin to open–it’s that I need to figure out which stories to tell, how tell them, how to do it safely, and how to move the viewer to action.

This is project photography. It is not enough to simply tell the story, for all this will do is traumatize, it needs to incorporate the broader mission of the non profit and work in concert with its partners. So I’m figuring this out. But now our resources, in our people and in our opportunities, have grown. I think the 80+ uncompensated hours per month I’ve been putting into this is coming to something. (at left: watching new media)

I don’t really know how else to put all of this so I’m just going to list things off.

New Board Members
Deb Hinchey, MPH
Director of Wellness and Health Promotion
Seattle University

Scott Leist
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
King County Prosecutor’s Office
Special Assault Unit

Kasandra VerBrugghen, MPA
Executive Director
The Austin Foundation

New Volunteers:
Kaiti Carpenter
Volunteer Coordinator

Outreach Coordinator
Allison Stevens

Partnerships and Clients
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC)
Prevention and Education
Through media presentations FEAR will provide the narratives, concepts, and vocabulary essential to understanding and decreasing incidences of relationship, dating, and sexual violence for area schools. KCSARC will provide immediate and longer term intervention and prevention resources. (at right: on right, KCSARC director of education, Lindsay Palmer; on left Jennifer Manlowe, author of “Faith Born of Seduction, Sexual Trauma, Body Image, and Religion”; center, Scott Leist)

University of Washington, Tacoma Branch, FEAR Project custom portrait and exhibition similar to the recent Seattle University work.

In the Works: University of Pittsburgh, FEAR Project speaking engagement and/or custom portrait and exhibition similar to the recent Seattle University work. (at left: re-defining our ‘messaging’)

In the Works: Custom media for Pittsburgh stake holders in sexual and domestic violence prevention and education.

In the Works: Partnership with Seattle University Peer Health Action Team (peer educators) in Seattle Schools’ Franklin and Roosevelt High Schools for prevention and education in sexual and relationship violence.

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