"Our World," Sigma’s International Campaign

November 8th, 2007

I was speaking with Scott Leist, a deputy prosecuting attorney for King County, about his work and what it means for him when he gets a conviction. Scott kind of shrugged and said while he does acknowledge his successes, they are something he expects of himself and he is quick to move on to the next task at hand.

Similarly minded, I was recently chided for not acknowledging two compliments given directly to me while in front of a group I was speaking to. So, I am going to take a moment to share this.

I shoot Canon equipment but was contacted by Sigma, a Japanese lens manufacturer, and asked if I would use their lenses to make some images. They would license some for a three year international advertising campaign in the photo industry. With some compromises I agreed and shortly more lenses than I had asked for were sent to me including a few macros, an ultra-wide, and the 100-300 f2.8. I now have a double set of lenses and have found the Sigmas to be fairly rugged, effective, and for everything but the 100-300 f2.8, quite competitively priced in comparison to Canon.

The above image has run in US photo magazines and, more recently, as a full spread in a Japanese photo magazine. There will be other images in their calendar, catalog, website and large display in their Tokyo store. I hadn’t thought I would ever be endorsing lenses, much less internationally, but there you have it. Especially with this image which was shot in one of those moments of “huh, that looks kind of cool.” Thanks to Andreas Schmidt who continued standing on that rock for a few frames.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I’ve seen this shot on a italian magazine,
    and I love it istantly.
    I’m purchased a SIGMA 18-200 DC OS lens with a CANON EOS 450D.
    You have done a good job for SIGMA. I like colours and “the sense of depth” of some of your shots.
    I seen your blog and i found it very intersting.
    I am an amateur photographer, and during last weekend I shot some landscape at the rising sun near the Po river park in the north of Italy ( http://www.parcodeltapo./ ). I got some likely shots.
    I’m used a Polarizer filter. What do you think?
    eugenio ruggieri


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