The Senate

October 12th, 2007

The Senate Band played their regular gig at the Solstice Cafe in Seattle’s University District and, for once, I was able to attend. They’re all Garfield High School kids. Though they’re not kids anymore, they’re real local rock stars with their own following and a couple albums out. I met Nick Drummond in his senior year when I was asked to help with an outdoor program at Garfield. The program’s teacher had committed suicide during and investigation into inappropriate conduct with his students; what I found was a student body split in two. Some were condemning him, others were justifying any action he may have committed because of all the good he did. A good portion of the student body–and parents–couldn’t believe him capable of the allegations.

It was in working with Nick and his peers that I really started exploring the affects of trauma. That led to another story from one of my friends which led to the first media for the FEAR Project. Several years later it’s a solid part of my life.

In that time I haven’t spoken with Nick but, as fate would have it, his older brother Benj, with his partner Sara, is also doing a Blue Earth Alliance project titled “Facing Climate Change.” So in these past few weeks I’ve been getting to know them and learning how Nick has changed since that senior year.

I am excited to have “found” these creative friends, and even more so because Nick and his band will be playing at the FEAR Project opening at Seattle University later this month. It’s coming full circle!

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