In the Studio: KOMO TV and FEAR

October 5th, 2007

So KOMO TV offered a 15 second Public Service Announcement on their show “Northwest Afternoon” if the FEAR Project brought in some people for their audience. 15, in fact, one per second. So we did. If I can pull our PSA out of the DVD of the show I will post it here; our new board member Scott Leist (left: tall guy, no hat) did and excellent job of reading the teleprompter.

I don’t think anyone from our group actually watches the show, nor were we really up on the topics they wanted to discuss but Dan (above: far right in blue) got to ask the extreme home makeover guy about building green and Rebecca (above: second from right) had TWO questions she got to ask. The audience coordinator goes over all of this prior to taping of the show, giving you a legal-sized paper with bold felt pen summarizing your question. (at right: Scott in blue; Kaiti in pink, our volunteer coordinator; Kasi in the center, a new board member; Jenna in tan….)

Thanks to all who made it to the taping for FEAR Project’s PSA and for warming up to the idea of being a superficially interactive audience; for some reason you just can’t really get that deep on a show like this. Special thanks to Scott Chytil who took a few snaps for us.

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