Maximum Sentence

September 22nd, 2007

Apparently Prosecuting Attorney Scott Leist rarely asks for the maximum. But, he says, this was a particularly brutal crime. The story:
He’s from Seattle.
He served in Iraq.
He is alleged to have raped a woman while stationed at Ft. Lewis while partying.
She wouldn’t testify.
He was discharged, time went by. (Leist, zoned out post-trial)

He was partying with friends at a bar in Pioneer Square.
He offered to drive the friends home, a man and a woman.
He dropped the man off first, even though they lived in the same apartment complex.
The woman then says he picked up two more men and drove into an alley.
There she says she was held down while he beat her and raped her.
She fought.
When he was finished, one of the other men took his turn beating and raping her while the defendant held a gun to her head. (Abby during testimony)

It looks like a .45, but it was an air pistol.
She didn’t know. She felt so much shame, she told him to kill her.
When the second man was done she was pushed out of the car, her pants followed.
Hours later she went to Harborview for a sexual assault exam.
He was arrested shortly after.
Nearly three years later, after a two week trial, he was found guilty.
Then he was sentenced. Maximum. (Jama, for sentencing)

His attorney says he will appeal; he says not all the facts line up and there is a reasonable doubt. (Womack, in his office)

This story is for the FEAR Project.

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