31 Sun Salutations

September 7th, 2007

Sometimes when I climb, say it’s an 18 hour day of alpine travel with rope and rack, it takes a couple days to recover. Stairs don’t feel as easy, my feet hurt, my hands are tender and scabbed.

And sometimes, when I do yoga with the only instructor I’ve ever had, for 1.5 hours, I also hurt for a few days. Not an all-over hurt, but a selective deep tissue pain. Like my hamstrings from doing downward dog, my triceps from chaturanga, my hip flexors from the warrior poses. But it’s good for me, right?

Jenna, once a roommate, a co-worker, a connection for outdoor gear, now an advisor to the FEAR Project who is, above all else, a good friend, turned 31 this September. As a yoga instructor–as my yoga instructor–she wanted to celebrate her birthday with yoga in Volunteer Park by doing 31 sun salutations. I hurt for the next three days.

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