A Wedding on the Bluff

September 1st, 2007

View an informal Web Gallery of Kasi and Andreas’s Squamish wedding.

I’m not a wedding photographer in the classic sense, I am a visual storyteller. I don’t market myself, in flowing script, as the guy to remember “the most important day of your life” with stiff, staged portraits of a loving couple in the golden evening light. That would be someone else; what I do is record what is naturally occurring and tell a story of the day.

The most recent wedding I photographed was a gift for some close friends, Kasi and Andreas. It lasted the entire weekend, involved camping, cabins, and climbing. There was a river, the threat of rain, a beautiful sunny day, copious home made wine and beer, late night dancing, and a fire.

The ceremony was held on a bluff overlooking Howe Sound in Squamish, BC; difficult lighting conditions but a beautiful setting. It seemed like everyone pitched in to haul the champagne, a few chairs, and my camera gear up top. Tim McGuire, a photographer who specializes in concept stock, was my informal assistant for the day and in the gentle breeze (a stylist’s nightmare) we did the group portraits between swigs of bubbly.

Only a couple weeks ago I went to another wedding and nearly cried that some of the candid, intimate moments were passing before my eyes; I was a camera-less guest and dearly wanted to record these images. Some were key story-tellers and some simply would be appreciated by the wedding party and the subjects. They were true moments. But I’m sure the photographer who was hired did an excellent job; she has a beautiful artistic eye and creates some gorgeously intriguing portraits. I was just another pair of eyes and I think my style is different.

Which is what I talk about when the rare person calls about weddings; I say rare because I don’t do a lot of wedding marketing. I simply have an eye and a way of relating; if this works for the client we can have fun and make some beautiful images together. What’s important for me is the connection with the couple and about working together to create a shared vision of their wedding day. I am there to see the stress, the nerves, the giddiness, the tears, and the joy. This is what people hire me for. I am as unobtrusive as possible (granted, it takes a little while to get comfortable with a camera), respectful of privacy if it’s asked, and have heard quite often “when did you get those shots? I didn’t even see you.”

As an aside, if you’re looking for a graphic designer, Andreas may be available. As an executive director of a local non profit, Kasi was the wedding planner and whip-cracker while Andreas oversaw (and did) much of the creative aspects from one of the coolest wedding invites, to the quotations in the napkin wraps, to designing their wedding rings.

Weddings are cool. They’re full of loaded moments, fun characters, and great energy. Especially the dance floor.

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