Lara Karena Kellogg

April 24th, 2007

On 23 April Lara Kellogg died in a climbing accident on Mt. Wake in Alaska’s Ruth Gorge.

I have been unable to write anything of substance however, in that odd realm of digital remembrance, a blog site I started has seen a proliferation of stories. Until some later point, when I am able, enjoy these stories of Lara’s rich life.

These are images from Lara’s funeral, reception, and after party at Kasi and Andreas’s. The song is the closest rendition I could find to the solo performance of “You Light Up My Life” performed during the service by soloist Gloria Hanson and accompanist Reed Terzian.

These images were submitted by Lara’s friends and family; they were compiled in a somewhat chronological fashion though my familiarity with the who’s who of Lara’s life is limited to the more recent years. Music was a compromise of my tastes, what I knew of Lara’s, the numerous suggestions I received, and what I felt would satisfy a broad audience.

The final images are of Lara’s last day. The last image is of “Lara Shan,” a first ascent by Chad Kellogg, Joe Puryear, and Jay Janousek. Named for Lara.

From the blog:
“The breadth of her relationship to us is far reaching, her friendships deep and long lasting. Ever in motion, she lived three lives every day, her broad smile and infectious laughter gracing each moment. She was a natural storyteller, in delivery and in experience, for they were her stories, unembellished. To summarize her would be a travesty of embarrassing proportions; even for those of us who were characters in her stories, our remembrance is but a moment of her rich life. If you live only one life each day, these stories will be a window into an existence extraordinary. Yes, if you were close, if you were acquainted, and even if you never had the opportunity, these stories will help all of us in the years to come, our years without Lara.”

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4 Responses to “Lara Karena Kellogg”

  1. karin andreika says:

    Hi Tim!

    I was an old friend of Lara. My mom was her godmother. We both live in Sweden and we still miss Lara. Can’t believe it has already gone a year!
    My question is, is there still any possibility to get a copy of these two storytellers (Images) above on a DVD? I sometimes check the “Remembering Lara Karena Kellogg” blog and notice that there is no longer possible to see them.
    Hope to here from you!

    Karin Andreika

  2. admin says:

    ah…sorry Karin. I did a website overhaul (a work in progress), changed servers, etc. and will update those links! thanks for catching that!

    as for putting them on a dvd that can play on a TV…um…it’s *possible* but would require some work I simply do not have the time for, much as I wish I did. If you know someone who’s a Final Cut Pro whiz I’d be happy to send them the original media.

    However, I can put the files on CD which can play on a computer (through your browser) or if you’re FTP-savvy I can post the files for you to download.

    Yes, it’s been a year. A few weeks ago Dan Aylward and I helped Chad clean out the attic where a lot of her personal effects and all her climbing gear was stored; he’s renting out the house and downsizing to cut his expenses. So he can live more closely to his dreams. She remains an inspiration for many.


  3. karin a says:

    Hi again!

    A CD will be just fine. Not sure if we have FTP-savvy in Sweden.
    I can sent you a CD if it’s easier. In that case sent the address to my email address.

    Karin A

  4. hi karin it was nice to read your message please e-mail me back when you can how is your mon??? my e-mail is


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