Slideluck Potshow: Of Laughter and Forgetting

April 16th, 2007

View my recent submission to SLP Seattle:
“Of Laughter and Forgetting” a Multimedia Essay (7min).

Slideluck Potshow Seattle threw down once more, this time at the Annex Gallery. Organized by the fearless Shannon Welles and mc’d by the hilarious Jed Dunkerley the event went smoothly. Fortunately it hasn’t reached the art-scene status of the NYC Slideluck Potshow and can still be a somewhat intimate event.

I’ve been asked several times of late about SLP’s history so I wanted to take a moment to address those questions.

When I was living at ‘Hotel Latona’ in Wallingford in the late ’90s I began hosting slideshow potlucks; these were intimate living room affairs where contributors brought something to eat, to drink, and ten slides to share. Yes, real slides. (at right: Shannon Welles)

Casey Kelbaugh came to one of these. Spring rolled around and I was invited to a slideshow potluck in his backyard on Capitol Hill where there were more audience members than contributors. In this party atmosphere I met Amanda Koster and the three of us cooked up the idea continuing the slideshow potlucks, each finding venues, sending out the emails, and as often was my duty, providing the projector. With the help of many volunteers, including Jed, we made a tour of some venerable Seattle galleries and living rooms until ten slides became inexorable monologues; we then instituted the five minute limit. Later we came up with themes. The first theme was “Fear” which is where my 501(c)3 Non Profit FEAR Project was born.

As with many volunteer efforts the slideshow potlucks, now named the “Slideluck Potshow” with juvenile glee, fizzle; it grew too large. Then Casey moved to New York. And Casey, being the incredible networker that he is, revitalized the Slideluck as an NYC art scene event. Its attendees now number several hundred, its contributors are some of the world’s top photographers. The Slideluck has groups around the world; Berlin, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Copenhagen, and yes, even Seattle. Still. (at left: Jed Dunkerley…he teaches high school)

Casey is now striving to turn the Slideluck into a 501(c)3 and to spread the love. I thoroughly enjoy the work and community which has resulted and am thankful that at some point I had a hand in its creation, even if it was only a pot of chili, ten slides, and the projector.

If you would like to volunteer to help Slideluck in Seattle email Shannon at: seattleslideluck(at)

View my recent submission to SLP Seattle:
“Of Laughter and Forgetting” a Multimedia Essay (7min).

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