Index: Natural Log Cabin

September 25th, 2006

SEPTEMBER 24, 2006 – INDEX, WA It had been a late night of wine and conversation and my dehydrated, sleep-deprived body was stumbling through the woods. Simply uncoordinated. It didn’t bode well for a day at Index.

Dylan wanted to go ‘adventuring’ and since he was offering to lead I agreed. There was a ‘classic’ pitch up higher I was interested in. But obscure routes at Index often mean vegetated cracks. We found some and we ended up backing off, me rappelling off of two fixed pitons while Dylan (on the backup anchor) watched the ‘newer’ pin flex, twist, and generally look like death. So he installed a backup he would leave behind in case that one pin blew, shock loading the second more rusted pin. Neither blew, but being dead simply wasn’t an option either of us wanted to explore.

Our ‘adventuring’ allowed Kasi and Andreas to traverse over the top of Natural Log Cabin and fix a static line for me. (Sorry, folks, I’m not leading Index .11d to set my own fixed lines).

This endeavor meant when the light was right, I could photograph them leading the route over what the guidebook calls “a bottomless corner. reachy.” Andreas didn’t quite get the redpoint; he fell missing a hold by less than a centimeter. I’ve got it on ‘film’ at eight frames per second. But Dylan, with his 6’10” wingspan did it again. He even waited for me, stemming over the bottomless corner, while I climbed up the fixed line for a new angle.

So here are the pics. I think the last time I did a ‘pose-down’ session like this was a year ago. It’s dramatic but not very lucrative photography.

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