Milan: Day Two

April 16th, 2006

Tuesday, April 11 – MILAN. I attended a bar opening the D Magazine editors suggested going to; I knew no one as they had left by the time I arrived and Giovanni had obligations until midnight, but by the end my Spanish was flowing (yes, not quite Italian) but I’d met the owner’s very proud parents, the owner, and his girlfriend. Conversation was good. There was no Maker’s Mark or Knob Creek to be had but they did have some Glenlivet and they were pouring stiff. Which probably didn’t help my cold as it came back with a vengeance, opening my nose like Niagra falls.

(Valerie Alexandre) Tuesday was my day to play tourist and meet with an editor from Grey Worldwide. The last time I was in Italy we were negotiating usage of a Kingdome implosion picture (which for some silly reason I haven’t uploaded so I can’t link…!) for an Alpine Audio ad. She saw it in Wired (it was a nice spread). Valerie now works on pharmaceutical accounts and during our walk through the park near the castle to lunch in a cafe in a museum, our conversation had little to do with work. I found it quite nice. And lunch; spinach with cured ham, an assagio type cheese, and mushrooms. With a glass of red wine, of course.

Valerie gave me a quick list of places to see which are on this page.

Later I met Giovanni and he showed me the canals and what Happy Hour means in Milan: buy a drink and help yourself to tray after tray of excellent tapas-style food.

(at happy hour) Courmayeur, an amazing ski tour, seeing Margaret, and seeing Margaret eat are next on the blog but I’ve been slacking. It’s another late night outside the tourism office and tomorrow Colin and I head back in for the La Garde couloir on Les Droites. We’re hoping for a town-to-town in a day…tram assisted, of course.

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