Arrowhead Peak

March 13th, 2006

(Roger Strong touring in the lead).
We went back country skiing. Eleven of us…wow. Seven were stuffed into “The Enterprise,” Roger Strong’s Ford Expedition. I think as an ex-crab boat captain who burned gallons of diesel per hour motoring through icy storms on the Bering Sea, the fuel efficiency of the Enterprise (with two rocket boxes) is a drop in the bucket–but the carpooling (hopefully) made up for the rig’s ravenous fuel consumption. Plus, pleasantly infectious enthusiasm spread through the car, as well as coffee-flavored brownies and cake generously bequeathed to me, setting an upbeat tone for the day.

With most other skiers breaking right to Jim Hill, we claimed Arrowhead Peak as ours. With open glades, wet powder, and only a moderate crust it was a day of sun, snow squalls, and fresh turns. And much fun was had by all.

For a few more snaps go here.

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