Opposable Thumbs

January 31st, 2006

Unable to drive a stick shift, Megan called while walking to the video store (films: Rabbit Proof Fence and 2046). While I was under the car Megan had a wipe out while skiing. Thumb now touches the forearm…not natural. So I picked her up and we watched both films. She was in for a look on Monday. The verdict? Surgery. Thursday. Marshall gets back on Tuesday from the OR Trade Show in SLC. He did something similar in the back country a few years ago but ‘only’ broke his thumb instead of ripping ligaments. Apparently it’s a pretty common tear but repair involves cutting, drilling, attaching…the usual. It will be immobilized for the next several weeks. But this week she gets to be gluttonous. Her employer, a montesory school, told her to stay home and heal. The biggest puzzler for her is that she’s completely whole and normal. Except she can’t use one of her thumbs. And that, it appears, requires quite an adjustment particularly if your social life revolves around athletics. And you have to put down your wine glass if you want to do anything with your hand.

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