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January 29th, 2006

Saturday was Cartalk. Actually, it was listening to This American Life. But for me, it was largely my own cartalk consisting of long strings of four-letter expletives.

While most everyone I knew was off skiing, I was remembering the two main components of home auto repair are my own stupidity and a lack of proper tools. Last August this combination caused a poorly-tightened spark plug to explosively eject from the engine south of Salt Lake City.

With rain squalls passing through I lay in Marshall and Megan’s driveway. Although Megan was skiing and Marshall was in Utah at the OR Trade Show, their driveway is flat and only a few blocks from the parts store, shortening the inevitable trip for tools.

The Lemon, a 1992 Subaru Legacy bought without a VIN number check was having alignment issues (long story short: don’t ever buy a used car without a VIN check). I need new tires because of the alignment. To fix the alignment I need new rear lateral links. The previous owner had jacked the vehicle up on them, bending them.

Two trips to the parts store and the help of a neighbor and his garage, a treasure-trove of a miscellany, and the job was completed without having to remove the muffler to get to one of the bolts.

This saved me, according to one estimate, $300 in labor, $100 on parts, but cost me a day of skiing. But I heard the snow, while deep, was heavy and not so great. Maybe they were just trying to make me feel better.

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