NYC (again)

October 19th, 2005

(see Christo’s Gates from my trip to NYC last February)

So as usual, I had two hours of sleep before Jenna picked me up to go to the airport. I was *counting* the hours before departure, trying to get everything done.

The trip is to New York as a project photographer for the Blue Earth Alliance to talk about the FEAR project at the Photo Plus Expo.

It was fairly last minute, as far as planning and fundraising go, and as a result we were only able to send two, not three people. Our goal, of course, is not only to talk about the project but also to expand our collaborator base. A polite ask to Hewlett Packard netted us a 26 inch LCD TV and DV player to show FEAR media at the Blue Earth booth. It’s a loaner, but still, FEAR is the multimedia so it’s important to show this.

I’m flying SONG, by Delta. By the time I was able to book my flight, it was going to cost too many donated air miles so I dug into my pocket. In spite of the fact that we had hydraulic problems at the gate, the TV’s don’t work (no loss to me), you have to buy your food (I packed a lunch), and they ran out of water (so no coffee), it’s a half full flight so I have an ENTIRE row to myself. It is *amazing* comfort.

Last week I was at Smith Rock, climbing with Kim and a local by the name of Eric. At the base of Heresy (we like to call it 20 Feet of Trying for it’s extended boulder-problem-like feel) Eric asked how long I was at Smith. While I *wish* I could have said “another month” I told him “only another day–I am going to New York.” Said with a shrug.

Which, really, is not how I feel. Often, because I want to move forward towards my goal, I neglect to notice where I actually am. At this very moment, I’m on a plane to NYC to talk about a project that’s consumed much of the last four years, been an intense and enormous learning opportunity. This project is happening, and it’s exciting!

But if I can take one more moment to say there are two things that really satisfy me with this project: One, being trusted with some of the most difficult memories people have. Trusted because I listen and will turn around to tell their story to a greater audience. Two, I find immense satisfaction when I tell a story and people respond to my work, reacting emotionally and intellectually and incorporating that story into their world, their life. My job, as I see it, is to be a messenger and the message is to listen, believe, and support victims so they can become survivors. A subtle, but amazing shift.

Here’s a three minute quicktime trailer for the next chapter in FEAR. It is the SANE Story shot, so far, in the emergency department of Harborview Medical Center. Quicktime Only(!).

(20mb file)

(10mb file)

If you’d like to support our efforts, please visit And thank you, once again, to those who’ve helped. You know who you are.

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